October 18, 2021

With these two ingredients, you will sleep better.

  • September 23, 2021
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With these two ingredients, you will sleep better.

Good sleep, an essential element for our well-being
Over the years, the average duration of sleep tends to decrease. The number of hours spent sleeping increased from 7-8 hours to 6-7 hours per night. This average applies to both men and women. Although this decrease has no particular impact on health, it nevertheless has a huge impact on the body and energy level. Indeed, in the middle of the day, it is normal to feel a decrease in energy coupled with a desire to sleep. This is a clear sign that your body needs to recover.

Most people tend to think that a lack of sleep and the resulting fatigue the next day can be offset by (excessive) coffee consumption… Caffeine is not a durable and suitable solution to compensate for poor quality sleep.

Health and lack of sleep
Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives and is intimately linked to our well-being. Lack of rest can affect the quality of life and health. It can be a trigger for diseases and infections. Many studies have shown that people with reduced sleep time (less than 6 hours) are at higher risk for coronary heart disease (cardiovascular risks).

In 2011, European Heart Journal audited 15 studies, involving approximately 475,000 people. Conclusion of this audit: People with a reduced sleep cycle were potentially at higher risk (48%) of developing or dying from coronary artery disease.

In addition, these individuals were at a higher risk of having a stroke (15%). The strange fact that emerges from this study: people used to sleep more than 9 hours per night as well as heavy sleepers were also at risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease at 38% and were also at high risk for stroke (65%).

According to another comparative study, the lack of sleep and rest causes an acceleration of the heart rate and palpitations. During your sleep, the body takes advantage of this to function in slow motion (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.).

The impact of stress on sleep
Our way of life is not always tailored to our most basic needs… Indeed, many parameters come into play to assess sleep. For example, stress and anxiety are aggravating factors that have a very significant impact on sleep quality. Whether this stress is related to work, personal, and family life, it influences the balance of our lives and our well-being. In addition, the excessive use of electronic devices (screen light) also has an impact on the nervous system and sleep cycle.

A miracle recipe for better sleep
To regain quality sleep, we generally tend to resort to sleeping pills and other treatments prescribed by a doctor. But there are very effective natural recipes that make it possible to reconcile with the pillow!

Here is a very simple one: it is based on only two ingredients, which will help you find a night of restful sleep. This remedy will help your body to regain its balance: a better recovery and an increase in your energy to better face your day.

What are the necessary ingredients?
• 5 teaspoons organic honey (raw)
• 1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

Combine these two ingredients and store them in a glass jar. You can increase the doses by always respecting the 5/1 proportions for optimal effectiveness if you intend to use this remedy as to a cure.

How to use this preparation?
Just put a small amount of this mixture under your tongue, every night before going to bed. The solution will dissipate naturally in the body.

Benefits of the combined action of salt and honey

Himalayan pink salt contains more than 80 minerals essential to the maintenance and proper functioning of the body that will feed your body with «fuel» to last all day. Honey contains glucose that will promote vitality by helping the cells to regenerate.

This precious blend of salt and honey will promote the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and prevent depressed states related to lack of sleep. Try this natural recipe and you will see a clear improvement in the quality of your sleep.

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